GenGirl Around the World: Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia



Our office gengirl, Aly recently spent a glorious set of days in Europe with tales to tell. Now she’s back sharing her photos, tips, and recommendations:


Vogue had called Athens the Brooklyn by the Sea and Aly can’t seem to disagree. She recommends:

1 – Bringing your student ID. You can get a discounted ticket pass to see several tourist sites in one go (15 Euros with student ID, 30 Euros without).
2 – Cave of Acropolis: Great for all-around Greek cuisine, The goat wrapped in parchment paper was a fave and the house wine is a must!
3 – Fabrica Tou Efrosinou (next to BOBO wine bar): An awesome local bar with spectacular interior design by a Serbian artist.
4 – Takis Bakery: A family run bakery since the 1970’s. Contains a great selection of breads and baked goods — Aly has a soft spot for the croissants.
5 – Drupes and Drips: A local coffee shop near Takis and is run by the son of Takis’s owner. Features great lattes and a mention from Vogue.



If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this is the place for you. It even came with a Game of Thrones tour. Aly recommends:

1 – Franciscan Monastery: It houses the third oldest pharmacy in Europe where you can purchase creams from 1210 AD which are still made in-house. Features a beautiful courtyard. Entrance fee: 3 Euros.
2 – D’Vino Wine Bar: Service is great and they do  have flights. Locals and tourists alike can be found here.
3 – Cave Bar More: Literally a cave bar. To get here, you’ll need to take either a taxi or the 6 Bus outside of the city walls. In addition to the actual cave, there is a terrace where you can hang out or jump into the water and take a dip in the Adriatic.
4 – Buza Bar: Located off a cliff. It’s hidden with only a small sign as an indicator it’s here. Definitely a cool place to check out.




This is where the continent locals go to vacation and it’s not hard to see why — all the beaches are amazing. Aly recommends:

1 – Bringing water shoes instead of just sandals. Turns out the beaches are more rocky than sandy.
2 – Juice Bar: Located inside the city walls, the name is everything it promises — great juice.
3 – Casper Bar: Offers a nice selection of drinks. On the weekends, a DJ plays soul music and the locals hang out.



Tirana is an amazing city that is reminiscent of LA’s Silverlake and Echo Park neighborhoods. Aly recommends:

1 – Taking the walk tour that is free and provided by the city. It’ll give you a background into the history of the city and its developments. And again, it’s free.
2 – Walking everywhere because everything is so close. The furthest distance that needs to be traveled is to and from the airport.
3 – Salt: Great restaurant, cool interior, and even cooler rooftop bar. This is absolutely a hot spot where Albanians go to be seen. The truffle pizza is off the charts. It also has a sister location called Pepper (located on the other side) where you can grab coffee.
4 – Radio Bar: Grab a pint for $5. Can’t get any better than that.
5 – Oda: A quaint, small place where you can get traditional Albanian food cooked by an adorable old lady. The lamb, beans, and greek salad were all delicious. Bonus: seats were upholstered in fabrics featuring the Louis Vuitton logo — a great photo op!

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