Fluffy Round Up (II)

The week has been long, so thank goodness it’s Friday! What a better way to jumpstart the weekend than with a fluff roundup! Enjoy the latest collection of cuties:

The Classic White Shirt

  The white button down is a classic staple that belongs in everyone’s closet. Its versatility allows it to transcend seasons and fashion cycles. It’s a must-have for every GenGirl. We break down a few easy ways you can wear it this summer: 1 – Loose and flowy: Keep your top long and your bottom […]

Coachella Recap

  The week following Coachella is always the hardest. To handle our return to reality, we’ve rounded up our coolest moments during this epic weekend. Starting from the top: 1 – Arriving in Indio!¬†Kiara Schwartz of Tobruck Ave¬†looking smashing in our suede crop top. 2 – All hands in for VIP access (and our Stanley […]