White Lines


White eyeliner may seem a bit unorthodox, but it’s been labeled as a game changer. From creating the illusion of larger eyes to being the perfect addition to a spring/summer palette, white eyeliner is one thing you’ll definitely want to try. To help you along, we’ve got a few tricks on how to tame your white eyeliner game.


1 – Use it on the inner corners of your eye. If you’re not ready to embrace a white-out just yet, this is a good way to go. It works well to open out those peepers and looks beautiful blended in with shimmery eyeshadow.


2 – Use it on your waterline. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow for a lot of get-ready time, this neat little trick will save the day. It will instantly brighten up your eyes–helping you look fresh and awake. Layer on mascara for a quick, easy, and pulled together look.


3 – Combine dark and light. If you’re feeling a little braver, this is the way to go. Use the white eyeliner in conjunction with the black. With white underneath and black on top, you’ll create a dramatic look that will pull viewers’ gazes straight to your eyes.


4 – Line your whole eye for a total white-out. If you’re ready to jump on board, this is the look to try. Because you won’t run the risk of overboard raccoon eyes like you would with dark eyeliner, you can use white a little more freely. Line the lower part of your eyelids, the corners of your eyes, and your waterline for the complete look. Pair with a bright lipstick for a grand finish.


5 – Get creative. White eyeliner is not only a makeup tool, it’s an artist’s brush. Free yourself from the constraints of dark eyeliner. Feel free to draw, create, and rock awesome designs to your heart’s content!

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