What’s in Your Pamchanko?

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Over at BCBGeneration, we got a thing for handbags. And by thing we mean borderline obsession. From clutches to carry-ons, and everything in between, these adorable accessories can take an outfit from so-so to so totally awesome with style and ease. Naturally, in addition to our own purses we also love the purses of others. From our creative director Joyce to visiting models, we’re always eager to dig around for the good stuff they tote around on a daily basis. Recently, our social media editor Cassie was spotted wearing the adorable Pamchanko, which she says has the perfect feminine shape and a fantastic array of colors, so we had to find out what was inside. She was nice enough to let us take a peak at the must-haves she carries (French candy and pens made the top of the list) and tell us why they have a place in her purse! See what Cassie carries below – and shop her Pamchanko online now at BCBGeneration.com. Now see them both in action:



Here’s what’s inside according to Cassie:

1. Agenda – “I have a really hard time remembering all the important dates and appointments that come up, so I find when I actually write it down it makes me remember it better. Sometimes doing it old school is the best way.”

2. iPhones – “As the social media editor, I am constantly on the phone checking updates, posting pictures, tweeting, etc., so it’s important I have one phone just for all the work updating and one for my personal usage. The bunny cases just make them cuter – and they’re much easier than real pets.”

3. Sunglasses – “Living in Los Angeles you can always expect there to be sunshine, even with the June gloom, and there’s no way I can commute to work without these. I typically go for the oversized styles like these, a la Jackie Kennedy.”

4. Makeup  – ” I am currently obsessing over TwoFaced’s collection, especially the LashGasm mascara and Endless Summer bronzer which give you those pumped up lashes and sun-kissed glow that are perfect for the season.

5. Pens – “Some habits are hard to break and as a former journalism major I’m used to carrying around several pens at a time. You never know when you’ll need to take a quick note or write down an address. I prefer brighter colors that are easy to see, like these from Sharpie. Of course, you can never go wrong with a “Le Pen,” either.”

6. Car Keys – “I live in Los Angeles. Enough said. But how cute is the My Generation key chain?”

7. Hair Brush – “My hair is really thick and usually misbehaving, which occasionally means a quick restyle. This travel size version from Mason Pearson fits right in your bag and works on hair from wet to dry.”

8. La Vie de La Vosgienne “Les Framboises” candy – “I have been obsessed with this candy since I was little kid, and can’t quite remember where I even discovered them. Working in a French company, I’ve found having a tin of these in your purse always comes in handy. Seriously, they’re addictive.”

Thanks for letting us into your bag, Cassie! We can’t wait to see where we get to look next.



Now you tell us: What must-have is always in your purse?

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  1. Wanda Rivera says:

    I always have in my bag;
    Car keys
    Candy or gum
    Reading material

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