The Nail Files: Going Dark



We’re going to be honest: we’re ready for fall. We’re ready for the cooler weather, the pumpkin spice lattes, and the ability to layer our clothes. But it seems the weather won’t listen to us. Maybe it is too soon to bring out the scarves and coats, but we definitely can do something about our nails. Namely, we can go darker. While we always love the richness of a darker color, it’s a little more maintenance than a light polish. But we’re here to guide you through it:

1 – Don’t skip your base coat. It’ll keep the dark color from staining your fingers and help prevent chips.

2 – If you’re a messy nail painter (the struggle is real!), apply vaseline around the edges of your nail. It’ll wipe right off when you’re ready to clean your edges.

3 – Apply thin coats. Deeper colors take longer to dry.

4 – When you’re ready to remove, rub some oil on your hands and fingers. It’ll keep the polish from staining your skin.

5 – If you’ve gotten dark polish stuck in your cuticles after removal, simply dip a clean mascara brush in polish remover to scrub it out.

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