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Trend Alert: T-Shirt Dresses

The t-shirt dress has been making waves in the summer heat — and with good reason! It’s a classic silhouette (borrowed from your favorite tee, just longer), an easy fashion choice, and it’s weather friendly. We’re pretty much in love, so here are our favorite ways to rock the trend.

The Do’s And Don’ts After Being Sunburned

We’ve all been there. Either we’ve missed a spot with our sunscreen or forgot about it all together and now we’re suffering. Click through for the do’s and don’ts if you find yourself sunburned.

Trend Alert: Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is nothing short of iconic. Since its inception in the 70’s, its popularity has never once faltered and we can see why! With a silhouette that embraces all body types, the dress exudes femininity, sophistication, and effortless style.Click through for a roundup of our favorite ways to rock the look.

Beauty 101: Summer Skincare Hacks

Summer is one hot season and we all know what happens when the weather gets warm. The mixture of sweat dry air has never done anyone’s skin any good. But don’t panic! We’re here with a few quick fixes for your commonplace skin dilemmas.

Beauty 101: How to Wear Black Lipstick

From Beyonce spotted in New York to Kylie Jenner releasing a new shade in her cosmetic line, one thing is for sure — black is definitely in. When once this inky shade was reserved for Halloween makeup and goth-type looks, it’s broken into mainstream beauty as an “it” summer color. Here’s a few tips for rocking this dark hue.