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3 Beauty Mistakes That Are Cramping Your Selfie Game

There are those days when you’re feeling the #nofilter hashtag, but something just seems off about your makeup. Rest assured, there’s no need to open your FaceTune app — these in-real-life tweaks are game changers.

3 Quick Tips For Flawless Summer Skin

We know, summer’s practically beating down the door. And the best accessory this season is the one you were born with — your skin. Click through for 3 quick tips for keeping it #wakinguplikethis.

Beauty 101: The Maddi Bragg Look

We know there’s been a lot of hype surrounding Maddi Bragg’s hair and makeup from her festival look book. We don’t blame you. It was killer. But to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, we sat down with the makeup artist responsible for Maddi’s glam — Valerie Harvey of Mohawk Makeup for a few pointers.

Beauty 101: 4 Trends To Try

The seasons are a-changing and it might be time to freshen up your look. There’s a few rad trends on the rise — we’ve rounded up a few faves to give you some inspo.

Beauty 101: 5 Skincare Mistakes To Avoid

Natural, beautiful skin is better than any foundation. Treat your skin right and you’ll reach for your makeup bag less often. To help you along, we’ve identified five ways you might be mishandling your skin without realizing it.