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Beauty 101: Shortcuts to Perfect Waves

We know you’re always on the go. What modern woman isn’t? Which is why we totally get that you may not have a lot time to devote to nailing the perfect curl; but — you still want it, right? That’s why we’re here with a 3 quick ways you can get that artfully tousled look without spending all that time.

How To: Have A Grown Up Place

It’s been years since you’ve been in a dorm room. By now you may even own your place rather than renting. But when does it begin to reflect the point you are in life instead of looking like a place that houses a gaggle of teenagers on the cusp of adulthood? Not to worry – if you’re ready to trade your plastic cups for glass ones, we’re here with a few tips on how to upgrade your post-grad space.

Beauty 101: The Maddi Bragg Look

We know there’s been a lot of hype surrounding Maddi Bragg’s hair and makeup from her festival look book. We don’t blame you. It was killer. But to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, we sat down with the makeup artist responsible for Maddi’s glam — Valerie Harvey of Mohawk Makeup for a few pointers.

Beauty 101: 3 Effortless Hair Tips

Your hair is a huge part of who you are and sometimes, it takes more work than you have the time for. If you’re a #gengirl on the go (who isn’t!), these 3 easy tips will make life easier and your hair prettier

Decluttering Made Easy

Clutter, it’s the plight of every Millennial. You’ve got too much stuff and no idea how to store it. But it’s spring and that means spring cleaning, so we’re here to help you organize your space! Here are a few tips.