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3 Haircuts That Transform Your Face

Contouring isn’t the only way to change your face shape; a new haircut could transform your face. With the right snip, a haircut could add subtle definition and make a rounder face look narrower.

3 Beauty Mistakes That Are Cramping Your Selfie Game

There are those days when you’re feeling the #nofilter hashtag, but something just seems off about your makeup. Rest assured, there’s no need to open your FaceTune app — these in-real-life tweaks are game changers.

Beauty 101: Shortcuts to Perfect Waves

We know you’re always on the go. What modern woman isn’t? Which is why we totally get that you may not have a lot time to devote to nailing the perfect curl; but — you still want it, right? That’s why we’re here with a 3 quick ways you can get that artfully tousled look without spending all that time.

Beauty 101: De-puffing Your Eyes in Under 5 Minutes

Puffy eyes are a frequent visitor. They can be the result of allergies, being sick, exhaustion, or high salt diet. Whatever the reasons, we’ve got the 411 on reducing that inflammation quick!

Say Goodbye To Split Ends

Nothing puts a cramp in your good hair day like split ends. While the easiest way to get rid of them is a fresh cut, but what are you supposed to do in between snips? Not to worry, a few good hair masks will work wonders in keeping that pesky split ends in hand! Here’s 3 of our favorites.