Streetstyle: A Floral Refresh

Florals for spring — we know, revolutionary. But hear us out! We’re talking about a refresh here. Below, a few ways to give the old trend a remix:

1 – Put your florals on something unexpected — like outerwear.

2 – Instead of an a print, try something new; like embroidery, an applique, or a silhouette.

3 – Maybe the all over pattern isn’t your thing. Opt for a gradual fade-in look or a singular flower.

4 – Go for a bold color base.

Ready to try it? Shop now:

MDJ3F981_J4K BSS67H88_I8T RHU1W320_T0F XAZ67H79_X58
RHU2F765_4C2 MDJ3F981_3G1 GEF68H84_B46 CEA4H864_I8T

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