Stacked with Style

It’s no secret, our Generation girls are very busy women Whether it’s stylishly studying in the library, meeting clients (fashionably early of course), shopping or saving the world, there isn’t a lot of time left in the day for much else. In order to celebrate these precious hours, minutes and seconds, we selected a few of our favorite fashion bloggers and offered them an incentinve: Show us how you #SpendTimeinStyle. As part of this opportunity, each lady received a BCBGeneration watch to wear and accessorize according to how she spends time in style. The first blogger to showcase her must-”watch” look was Chandamheer Stacker from Pancake Stacker. As a California girl, Chandambeer makes the most of effortlessly chic and always looks put together without trying too hard. When asked about how she fits everything into her schedule – and can still #spendtimeinstyle, she said, “If you’re finding it hard to do everything you need to do, just take a moment and see where all your time is going. I’m sure that after a few minutes of reflection, you’ll find that there are just enough minutes in the day to make every second count.”

And we couldn’t agree more. Spending time in style also means spending your time wisely! When it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, look at how you’re spending those hours and find the best ways to fill them.

To see more of Chandamheer’s style, check out Pancake Stacker here.

Now tell us: How do YOU spend time in style?

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