Trend Alert: T-Shirt Dresses

The t-shirt dress has been making waves in the summer heat — and with good reason! It’s a classic silhouette (borrowed from your favorite tee, just longer), an easy fashion choice, and it’s weather friendly. We’re pretty much in love, so here are our favorite ways to rock the trend.

Beauty 101: Shortcuts to Perfect Waves

We know you’re always on the go. What modern woman isn’t? Which is why we totally get that you may not have a lot time to devote to nailing the perfect curl; but — you still want it, right? That’s why we’re here with a 3 quick ways you can get that artfully tousled look without spending all that time.

Fluff Roundup: Pool Dogs

Summer days are meant to be spent poolside and these furry friends are more than happy to comply! Enjoy this latest fluff roundup of dogs that are beating the heat the right way.

Travel Diary: How To Beat The Jet Lag

Imagine! You’ve just landed in a beautiful new place, ready to explore to your heart’s content, only to hit a wall — the jet lag wall. It definitely ruins plans, but here’s a few way you can beat the system.

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