Meet Team Gen: Marketing Manager Nicole Buckley

She’s the GenGirl with the GenPup. We chatted with marketing manager, Nicole Buckley to give you a little insight into her world.


Q – How did you end up at BCBGeneration? Take us through your journey.
A – I grew up in upstate New York — went to college on the east coast. After I graduated, I worked for a startup clothing brand. It allowed me to travel to different countries, partner with various music festivals, and really immerse myself in the music and fashion scene. After that, I came to BCBGeneration as a marketing manager of licensing. It was a new role for the company at the time, so it was a big undertaking; but I’ve always loved adventure. In 2014, I transitioned into the general marketing manager position and have been there ever since.

Q – What does a marketing manager do?
A – A little bit of everything really. It’s the marketing team’s job to help raise brand awareness — getting the BCBGeneration name out there to the world. It is my job to manage the marketing efforts for all the divisions of our business. This ranges from making sure those in the field are clear about the message and image of the brand to planning and executing editorial and campaign photo shoots. I also work on securing and developing meaningful ad space with cool publications like NYLON or Teen Vogue.


Q – Tell us about your personal style.
A – I would say my style is minimalistic. My wardrobe palette consists mainly of black, white, and grey. I am a sucker for black ankle boots and am always on the hunt for my next perfect pair. I usually pair everything with a killer leather jacket.

Q – Is it safe to assume that if your closet is burning, you’d save your leather jacket first?
A – That’s right!


Q – One fashion rule you always live by?
A – When in doubt, wear black.

Q – Song you’re currently bumping?
A – “The Sound” by The 1975.


Q – Tell us about @puppytroy aka your GenPup.
A – He’s only the cutest pup in all the world. He’s a 9 month old Frenchton. That’s 50% Frenchie, 50% Boston Terrier, and 100% my dream dog. His favorite activities include hogging my pillow, going to the park, and modeling for GEN shoots.

Q – Best part about your job?
A – Everyone I work with! I am really blessed to be able to work with my real life, BFF. She sits in the office right next to mine.

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