Meet Team Gen: Graphic Designer Mory Men


Our website and emails always have the raddest layouts and we can thank one of our in-house GenGirls, Mory Men, for that. We sat down with this graphic guru to learn a bit more about her:

Q – How did you end up at BCBGeneration? Take us through your journey.  

A – It’s a funny story! Let’s start when I was 11 and I wanted to customize my NeoPet page. I went on all these tutorial websites to learn how to make it cool, which led me to HTML/CSS coding. I begged my parents to buy me Photoshop after that. Then I started building fan sites for my favorite music artists, which I’m not going to delve into who those were because…embarrassment. Eventually I went to college and studied literary journalism, but design never quite left my mind. I did some freelance projects on the side for a few fashion brands and eventually made the big move to LA and to BCBGeneration.


Q – What does a graphic designer do?

A – I design web and print collateral with attention to detail, critical thinking, and of course, creativity. There’s a lot of problem solving that happens in order to make everything look pretty. It’s a balance between business needs and visual aesthetic. 

Q – What’s your typical day like?  

A – I wouldn’t say there is a “typical” day here considering the fashion industry is fast-paced and things are always changing. I could be at a presentation an hour earlier; then suddenly have to switch gears to work on a page for our website in the next. But that’s what’s so fun about it. I’d be bored if everyday was the same!


Q – Tell us about your personal style.

A – It really depends on my mood. One day I could be a 70’s retro gal and the next I’m street chic. I’d like to think I’m a chameleon sometimes.

Q – If you could raid one person’s closet, whose would it be?  

A – Zoe Kravitz.

Q – Favorite piece from the current GEN collection?

 A – The suede jacket. Hands down.


Q – One fashion rule you always follow?

 A – High-waisted anything!

Q – One thing people don’t expect about you?

A – I was actually a cheerleader at one point in my life. True story.

Q – Best part about your job? 

A – Working with a kick-butt creative team! We vibe off each other so well. The brand allows us a lot of creative freedom, so we aren’t afraid to take risks. You can’t find that very often and I feel incredibly lucky for that.


Can’t get enough of Mory? Find her on Instagram and shop her faves:

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