Meet Team Gen: Creative Director Joyce Azria

It’s the “Meet Team Gen” edition you’ve been dying for, we know. You’ve met a few members of our team before, but you’re about to meet Creative Director Joyce Azria. The ultimate #GenGirl shares her favorite style tip, best advice, and the best part about her job.

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Q – What does a Creative Director do?
A – A Creative Director is the heartbeat of the brand — beating to the tune of the brand DNA and inspiring creative teams to spread the same message. It’s all about creating one voice that’s truthful and contagious in the eyes of the customer. You know, casual stuff — no big deal.

Q – What’s your typical day like?
A – Busy! Really busy. A lot of limo rides, massages and down time. No, really every day is different. From concepting, to deciding on fabrics, to marketing to business review; every moment is an evolution. In one day I can go from being a number nerd to a fashion philosopher. It’s a lot of brainstorming, decision-making and praying that I’m leading my teams down the right path.

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Q – How would you describe your personal style?
A – Classy. Simple. Comfy. Euro.

Q – A trend you’re currently obsessed with?
A – I always love a good jacket draped over the shoulders. It’s a classic.

Q – One style tip/rule you always follow?
A – When in doubt, wear black.

Q – What’s one thing you can’t leave your house without?
A – My phone! Someone is always trying to reach me.


Q – Best advice you would give out to budding fashionistas?
A – For fun: Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

For work: Plan for success! Most people spend their time strategizing a Plan B if things fail and very little time planning a positive outcome. Think to win!

For life: If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing. If you stand for nothing people can’t stand you. Give the world a piece of your mind.


Q – Best part about your job?
A – My team! We do such amazing things together. GEN would not be GEN without the people behind it. It’s also incredibly fantastic to see the trickle effect of an idea. You can start with a vision, but when you finally see it radiate it throughout the brand, it’s a great feeling.

Can’t get enough of Joyce? She’s on Instagram.

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  1. Rhonda Malkin says:

    Hi Joyce,

    I’m very excited to hear about your story and your journey towards becoming religious. I have a close friend who is in the fashion industry who is thinking of conversion to Judasim but is hesitant with balancing her life in fashion and her spirituality. Do you have any pointers for her? She is a model. Thank you for your time! Kol tuv!

    Rhonda Malkin

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