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We chatted with Dallas blogger Tori Gonzales about her style, being on a TV show with her best friend, and how it all started.

Q – How did you end up blogging?

A – I’ve always loved writing; it’s very therapeutic. At the time I wanted to start a diary, but also share my style. My sister, Desiree, was the one who pushed me to pursue my diary/blog. I’m in it for the writing–the clothes are just a bonus.

Q – You were on a TV show with your friend, Courtney. What was that like?

A – Being on Courtney Loves Dallas was a definitely a fun opportunity. I was glad to be part of it. People will ask me what it’s like, but I just tell them that it became so normal eventually that I forgot there were cameras around us. I fell in love with our film crew. We were around these people 24 hours a day almost, so it was easy to become friends. I’ve stayed in contact with a few.


Q – How would you describe your personal style?

A – I would say laid back with neutrals. Ninety percent of the time I’m in boyfriend jeans with a solid top. You can’t go wrong with either and that’s just who I am. I dress up when I need to, but you’ll still find me in my neutrals. Black, white, nude–repeat!

Q – You have your own jewelry line — All the Wire. How did that get started?

A – I started All the Wire with my sister and partner, Desiree Cox. We were always messing around at her house–making jewelry for fun. One day we decided to get an instagram, so our friends could see our stuff and buy it if they wanted. It was all for fun, but here we are, celebrating our two years working together.

Q – If you could raid one person’s closet, who would you choose?

A – Well, since I have a key to Courtney’s closet and have free rein there, I would raid Cameron Diaz’s closet. I love her laid back style.


Q- What’s your zodiac sign?

A – Scorpio!

Q – The last thing that got you laughing?

A – I was at my parents’ house and recorded myself jumping out and scaring my mom! Her face was priceless! I sent the video to the whole family.

Q – Your favorite trend this season?

A – My favorite trend this season would be gladiator sandals. I wear mine more than I probably should but oh, well.

You can hear more from Tori on her blog.


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