Meet GenGirl Sammi Sanchez


Q – How did you get started in the music industry?
A – I started out in a girl group, but learned it wasn’t for me. I started making YouTube videos and started pushing my music as a solo artist from there.

Q – How would you describe your sound?
A – My sound is a big mix. It definitely falls under pop, but I love mixing genres like having drums with an R&B beat, combined with some indie-type lyrics.


Q – Tell us about your style.
A – My style is very comfy, but grungy. I love being able to dress up while staying comfortable. I love to wear darker colors.

Q – Who’s your style icon?
A – I always love the way Demi Lovato dresses. She can rock anything.


Q – Favorite song ever?
A – “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley.

Q – Favorite song from your own hits?
A – I love my latest single “Bad Habit.” It’s definitely a lot quirkier than my other singles.


Q – Favorite pizza topping?
A – I love ham and pineapple.

Q – Best advice you’ve ever received?
A – “Be the best you that you can be.”


Q – What’s next for you?
A – I’ve been in the studio working on new music and really finding my sound. Stay tuned!


Go behind the scenes of our shoot:

Song: Bad Habit – Sammi Sanchez.

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