Meet GenGirl Lexi Atkins

Lexi Atkins has been making quite the name for herself. Having gone from beauty queen to screen queen, our latest GenGirl dishes on what it’s like working alongside Jennifer Lopez and Mark Wahlberg, her style icon, and what’s next for her.


Q – Tell us about your journey. How did you go from a Miss USA contender to a Hollywood actress?

A – I was actually acting before I even competed for Miss USA. The first feature film I ever booked was Zombeavers, which then led me to booking The Boy Next Door. The day after we wrapped filming The Boy Next Door, I jumped right into competing for the Miss USA pageant. I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences since competing for Miss Teen USA back in 2010, where I placed first runner-up! Since then I knew I wanted to get back on stage to compete for the title of Miss USA. I’m really happy I had that opportunity, but believe it or not my acting career had already started to take off before competing for Miss USA!

Q – You’ve worked alongside some big names like Jennifer Lopez and Mark Wahlberg. What was that like?

A – It was such an amazing experience to have worked with such big hollywood names, especially with celebrities that I’ve idolized since I was a young girl.  When working on set it never sunk in because I was always there to work. But every time I would leave set I’d have the biggest smile on my face and would pinch myself because those feelings of “this is normal” instantly spun off to “THIS IS CRAZY!”


Q – How would you describe your personal style?

A – My personal style is always changing due to playing so many different roles daily. Balancing a modeling, acting, and music career–it’s hard to pinpoint my style to one genre. One thing that’s always pretty consistent is that whatever I’m wearing has to be comfortable; sitting in LA traffic with anything uncomfortable is one of the worst feelings in the world! I’m also in love with casual dresses lately because they’re easy and you can dress them up or down and from day to night.

Q – What’s been your most memorable moment on set or at an audition?

A – This is a hard question; I’ve had so many memorable moments in both areas. I was about to say working on Ted 2 for so many obvious reasons, but I honestly have to say being transformed into a zombie beaver beats everything out–I will never ever forget that experience!

Q – Who’s your style icon?

A – My best friend and stylist Diana Bowland. I’m most inspired by someone who looks amazing all the time, even with just an outfit that doesn’t necessarily cost an arm and a leg. She even sleeps in outfits that look styled for an editorial shoot!


Q – Favorite pizza topping?

A – Veggie.

Q – Zodiac sign?

A – Aquarius! And for everyone who’s super into horoscopes (like me), my sun is in Aquarius, my moon in Libra, and my rising sign is Virgo.


Q – What’s next for you?

By the end of this month I’ll finally be releasing some of my new music, so I’m very excited about that. Be on the look out for some covers I’ve done and for some songs I’ve written. I also leave for New York next month to film another feature film, so I’m getting prepared for that as well. It’s been an exciting 2015 so far and it keeps getting busier and better.

Catch Lexi’s latest cover of Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen below:

 Love Lexi’s style? Shop her look:

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