Meet GenGirl Kelli Berglund


Q – How did you get into acting?

A – I grew up as a dancer and was performing on stage when a talent scout came up to my mom. I always wanted to try getting into the industry, so I figured it was a perfect opportunity! Little did I know I could make an awesome career out of it in the years to come.


Q – How would you describe your personal style?

A – My style ranges from edgy to simple to sporty–depending on my mood. Lately, I’ve been into “edgy-glam.” I love styles like ripped jeans and lots of rings on each hand. You can also find me wearing a leather jacket most of the time, even in the summer.

Q – Favorite trend this season?

A – I love orange lips and even burnt orange-colored eyeshadows. I think it’s a trend that could work really well in autumn, too.

Q – Favorite piece from your closet?

A – My black ripped jeans or my adorable Moschino clutch!


Q – Zodiac sign?

A – Aquarius.

Q – Favorite ice cream flavor?

A – Mint chocolate chip.


Q – Funniest moment on set?

A – I once tripped over one of the guys and fell flat on my face in front of everyone and all four cameras. I wasn’t hurt at all–just burst out in major laughter!


Q – Do you relate to any of the on-screen characters you’ve played?

A – My character in Lab Rats (Bree) and I have pretty similar personalities. We’ve both dealt with insecurities and have managed to conquer them. I may or may not have a sassy side just like her. Just kidding! I absolutely do.


Q – What’s next for you?

A – I have two films that will be coming out later in the year: “One Night” and “Raising the Bar.” They’re very different, but I’m really excited for the fans to see them. Other than that, I have another project that begins in October, but it’s super hush hush right now! Wish I could spill more.



A behind the scenes look at Kelli’s shoot:

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  1. Christopher Riseling says:

    I like the Outfit’s from the pictures that you were wearing and for me it shows me your true self and you have great tast of fashion

  2. Christopher Riseling says:

    I like the style that you were for fashion. I’m a great fan of your work

  3. Christopher Riseling says:

    I hope to meet you Kelli Berglund

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