Meet GenGirl Kaya Stewart

Growing up the daughter of The Eurythmics’ David Stewart, Kaya has always known that music was her scene. The pop sensation lends her own twist to our latest collection with a self-described style that’s both “70’s rock n’ roll and old school Marilyn Monroe.” She shares her dream music collaboration, her love for Gwen Stefani’s style, and what’s next for her. 

Q – How would you describe your sound?

A – Original! I’m influenced by so many different sounds and eras of music, so I think my own is a combination of everything that has inspired me.

Q – If you could collaborate with anyone musically, who would it be?
A – I would love to collaborate with Sia.


Q – What’s your personal style like?
A – I think my personal style is a combination of 70s rock n’ roll and old school Marilyn Monroe.

Q – Who’s your style icon?
A – Gwen Stefani!



Q – Favorite pizza topping?
A – Olives. Weird I know. 

Q – One song that always gets you in a good mood?
A – Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill

Q – What’s next for you?
A – My new album is out featuring my single “Sleepover.” I’m also on tour with The GoGo’s and Best Coast. I’m at the beginning of such a crazy journey. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me.


  Shot at Cosmic Vinyl.

A behind the scenes look at our shoot.

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