How To: Have A Grown Up Place

It’s been years since you’ve been in a dorm room. By now you may even own your place rather than renting. But when does it begin to reflect the point you are in life instead of looking like a place that houses a gaggle of teenagers on the cusp of adulthood? Not to worry – if you’re ready to trade your plastic cups for glass ones, we’re here with a few tips on how to upgrade your post-grad space:



Hand soap: In addition to having it, storing it in an attractive bottle is nice. So go ahead, upgrade from that plastic container you bought it in.

Towels: As in a whole set — not just your bath towel. You want your guests to wash their hands, give them something to dry them on.

Toilet paper: Don’t just leave a new roll on top of the toilet tank. Store the extra rolls in a nice basket or a convenient stand.



Artwork: Forget those free posters you picked up in college. Frame some nice artwork and actually hang it.

Houseplants: Succulents are great for those who weren’t born with green thumbs.



Headboard: It’ll give your bed a more polished look. If you’re not feeling the traditional type, here are a few ideas for alternatives.

Bed frame: Unless your entire space is following that boho vibe, nothing screams college more than a mattress on the floor.



Matching flatware: You know, for those dinner parties you want to throw.

Real glasses: Ditch the red, plastic cups. Get yourself some wine glasses, cocktail glasses, mugs — basically real glassware, now that you’re going to be adulting.

A good knife set: See first kitchen comment.

Happy adulting!

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