How To: Applying Eyeshadow

We understand that eyeshadow can be intimidating. There are a lot of colors. There’s matte, there’s metallic, there’s glitter — what does a #gengirl do? Not to worry, we break down the basics:


Single Color:
The easiest one! Opt for a more shimmery color and apply from tear duct to outer corner of eye.


Choose three complementary shades. Use a light color to highlight the area under the brow and near the tear ducts. Use a medium shade for the inner part of the eye. Use the darkest shade to create a shadow effect on the outer part of the eyelid. Blend well.


Smoky Eye:

Arguably the most intimidating look to try, but we think you’re ready! Apply a dark shade from lashes to crease and along lower lash line. Now smudge it all for a messy look. Then apply¬†a light, shimmery shade all over your eyelid. Now blend in your medium shade halfway across your eyelid. Apply the darkest shade to the outer corners. Remember to highlight the area under your bow and the inner corners of your eye.

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