Decluttering Made Easy


Clutter, it’s the plight of every Millennial. You’ve got too much stuff and no idea how to store it. But it’s spring and that means spring cleaning, so we’re here to help you organize your space! Here are a few tips:

1 – Sorting bins are your best friend. Start by diving things into a few categories: donate, trash, recycle, or keep.

2 – Hooks will help. Hang what you would normally toss on a chair or the floor. We’re talking scarves, hats, belts, coats, and keys amongst other things.

3 – Labeling isn’t just for Type-A’s. It’ll help you remember what you shoved into that box in the back of the closet without you tearing it apart.

4 – Take a photo. If you’re a visual person, snap a polaroid of the contents and stick it on the front of the box.

5 – Think outside the box. Feel free to store things in unexpected places if you’re not using that space.

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