GenGirl Around the World: Venice

We’ve all been bitten by the travel bug here at BCBGeneration HQ; so when our office GenGirl Minh made a recently visit to the floating city we couldn’t wait to share the details. Here are her photos, tips, and recommendations.

Travel Diary: How To Beat The Jet Lag

Imagine! You’ve just landed in a beautiful new place, ready to explore to your heart’s content, only to hit a wall — the jet lag wall. It definitely ruins plans, but here’s a few way you can beat the system.

Travel Diary: 5 Can’t Miss Undewater Hotels

There’s no denying that summer is high travel season. While you’ve on lookout for your next great escape, we went ahead and did the work for you! There’s going to be a lot of people looking to spend their summers by the water, but how many can say they’ve spent it under water? Here’s five underwater hotels that give new meaning to — swimming with the fishes.

GenGirl Around the World: Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia

Our office gengirl, Aly recently spent a glorious set of days in Europe with tales to tell. Now she’s back sharing her photos, tips, and recommendations.

GenGirl Around the World: Oahu

Everything about Hawaii screams paradise. From its misty mountains to its sky-blue shores, it’s the perfect tropical escape for those who still want to stay in the U.S. Office #GenGirl Minh Bui took a quick trip to the most popular island, Oahu to kick off her summer. Click through to see her recommendations!