GenGirl Around the World: Venice

We’ve all been bitten by the travel bug here at BCBGeneration HQ; so when our office GenGirl Minh made a recently visit to the floating city we couldn’t wait to share the details. Here are her photos, tips, and recommendations.

Fluff Roundup: Pool Dogs

Summer days are meant to be spent poolside and these furry friends are more than happy to comply! Enjoy this latest fluff roundup of dogs that are beating the heat the right way.

Travel Diary: How To Beat The Jet Lag

Imagine! You’ve just landed in a beautiful new place, ready to explore to your heart’s content, only to hit a wall — the jet lag wall. It definitely ruins plans, but here’s a few way you can beat the system.

Recipe: DIY Cup Noodles

Cup noodles are as familiar to any college student and anyone in their twenties as, well — their own hand. They’re easy, they’re quick, and they’re inexpensive. But they’re certainly not nutritious. If you’re ready to step up your cup noodle game, we’ve found a way to upgrade.

6 Ways to Save On Ordering Lunch

We know, sometimes it’s hard to keep our lunch promises to ourselves. We say we’re going to bring a lunch, but then we end up at the local fast food joint. Here’s a few ways to do damage control to your credit card bill.