3 Beauty Mistakes That Are Cramping Your Selfie Game

There are those days when you’re feeling the #nofilter hashtag, but something just seems off about your makeup. Rest assured, there’s no need to open your FaceTune app — these in-real-life tweaks are game changers.

Beauty 101: De-puffing Your Eyes in Under 5 Minutes

Puffy eyes are a frequent visitor. They can be the result of allergies, being sick, exhaustion, or high salt diet. Whatever the reasons, we’ve got the 411 on reducing that inflammation quick!

Beauty 101: Fuller Lips in 30 Seconds

We all know about contouring, but did you know that doing it to your lips can make them appear fuller? Click through for three easy steps to getting the lips of your dreams in under 30 seconds.

Beauty 101: These 3 Things Could Be Causing You Wrinkles

The older we get, the more wrinkles become a cause for concern. Between anti-aging serums and routine face masks, we think we’ve got it covered. But there are three things you might be doing on a daily basis that have slipped through the cracks. Check it out.

Beauty 101: Growing Out Your Brows

Ever since Cara Delevingne entered the pop culture game, the world’s been experiencing major brow envy. Gone are the days of stick thin lines. Big is in. If you’ve been a victim of over plucking and are now trying to join the “on fleek” squad, here are a few pointers.