Beauty 101: These 3 Things Could Be Causing You Wrinkles


The older we get, the more wrinkles become a cause for concern. Between anti-aging serums and routine face masks, we think we’ve got it covered. But there are three things you might be doing on a daily basis that have slipped through the cracks. Check it out:

1 – Staring At Your Phone: The experts are calling it “tech-neck” — a term they use to define the neck wrinkles that arise from staring down at your mobile.

2 – Putting On Eye Makeup: Whether it’s shadow, mascara, or line, raising your eyebrows high to do it can cause wrinkle lines to start forming on your forehead.

3 – Wear The Wrong Prescription: If you’re squinting to see, you’re not only straining your eyes, but also creating fine lines around them.

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