Beauty 101: The Upgraded Ponytail

There’s no denying that the ponytail is a classic. It’s a tried and true hairstyle that’ll never go out of style; but sometimes it’s nice to change things up. Below, our five favorite twists on the ponytail:


The Side Fishtail: Just put into a low side pony, braid into a fishtail, then secure.


The Dutch Braid: It’s reverse French braiding. Don’t cross sections over the middle piece; instead, pull them underneath.


The High Pony With a Twist: Secure your hair into a regular hair ponytail.
Hide the elastic band by wrapping strands of hair around it. Then use a clear elastic to wrap the middle part.


The Half Up–Half Down: A look popularized by Ariana Grande, this style needs no further introduction.


The High Bubble Ponytail: Pull hair into a high pony. Then use a clear elastic to create the “bubbles.”
For more prominent bubbles, simply pull hair until you reach desired puffiness.
You can hide elastic bands (or not!) by wrapping hair around each one.

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