Beauty 101: Summer Skincare Hacks


Summer is one hot season and we all know what happens when the weather gets warm. The mixture of sweat dry air has never done anyone’s skin any good. But don’t panic! We’re here with a few quick fixes for your commonplace skin dilemmas:

DRY SKIN: A face mask will do wonders. Catch a few of our favorite home recipes here.

SUN SPOTS: Treat with lemon. The citric acid will help exfoliate and bleach the skin. Make your own treatment by combining two teaspoons of lemon juice with two teaspoons of sugar. Apply, massage in, and rinse.

PUFFY EYES: Cold tea bags or cucumber slices are your friends!

SUNBURN: The struggle! Apply a cold compress as quickly as possible to reduce swelling and then treat with aloe.

BUG BITES: Ice it as soon as you can. Then apply hydrocortisone cream to keep yourself from scratching. If the itching is still too much, take an over the counter antihistamine like Claritin to ease your pain.

BREAKOUTS: Spot treat with apple cider vinegar at night.


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