Beauty 101: Summer Hair

Your A/C is on full blast or maybe your fan is turned to the maximum level — either way, your hair just won’t cooperate. The last thing you need this summer is to have a hot tool next to your face, so what’s a GenGirl to do? Not to worry, we’re here with three easy hairdos that are no fuss, no muss, and no heat required.


Beach Waves: This hairstyle is pretty synonymous with summer.
Whether or not you’re actually spending your days by the ocean, you can pretend like you did!

1 – Part hair when damp and mist generously with a sea-salt spray.

2 – Twist sections of hair and secure with bobby pins.

3 – Remove pins when hair is dry and use fingers to loosen waves.


Pigtails: If you think these rad braids are just for kids, you’re missing out.
Not only are they chic, they’re great for keeping your hair out of your face on a hot day.

1 – Divide hair into as many sections as you’d like braids.

2 – Use a clip to secure any sections you’re not currently working on.

3 – Follow the french braiding method for each sections.

4 – Tie each finished braid with a hairband.


Reverse French Updo: This is a look that not only looks cool, but will keep you cool as well.

1 – Flip your head upside down.

2 – Start french braiding, but start at the nape of your neck and move towards the top of your head.

3 – Secure as a bun or ponytail on your head.

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  1. Nadja Schwiening says:

    I love all three hairstyles.

    Another great hair style for the summer for me is the one Marie Avgeropoulos wore in the show “The 100”. The one with a braid on the top of her head and one on either side of her head.

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