Beauty 101: Shortcuts to Perfect Waves


We know you’re always on the go. What modern woman isn’t? Which is why we totally get that you may not have a lot time to devote to nailing the perfect curl; but — you still want it, right? That’s why we’re here with a 3 quick ways you can get that artfully tousled look without spending all that time:

1 – Braid Your Hair: It’s a classic move and with good reason — it works. Fresh out of the shower? Just braid and let air dry. Then shake them out and apply a texturizing spray.

2 – Employ A Sock Bun: You can do this one in your sleep, literally. Pull your hair into a ponytail and then secure the ends over the outer surface and underneath. Sleep on it and remove in the morning.

3 – Twirl It: Divide damp hair into six sections and twirl each into a coil. Secure all with bobby pins and release when dry. Spritz with a texturing spray.


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