Beauty 101: Ombre, Dip-Dye, Balayage

If you’ve gone anywhere near a salon, chances are you’ve heard the words ombre, dip-dye, and balayage tossed around. You know it has something to do with hair, but these trends can get a bit confusing. What does any of it mean? We’re here to break it down:


Ombre is starts with dark roots and ends with light tips.
It’s typically dramatic and characterized by a fairly definitive line across the hair.


Balayage is the less dramatic version of ombre.
It’s also the trickiest one to achieve, but when done correctly it creates the effect of sun-kissed highlights.


Dip-dye is a good method for executing a bold, bright color.
The general idea is to create a look that appears as if the hair as been dipped in paint.

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  1. Here at store #857 we are inspired by our Gengirl clients with their dip-dye hair and ombre looks. Each client that comes into our store has her own style and we love that Joyce’s designs fit every personality. From the girl next door to the trendy chi girl. We got what’s she is looking for!!! Thanks for sharing these hair looks with us.

    Tiffany Patterson
    Shop Manager #857
    Lenox, Bloomingdales

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