Beauty 101: How to Wear Black Lipstick


From Beyonce spotted sporting this hot color in New York City to Kylie Jenner releasing a new shade in her cosmetic line, one thing is for sure — black is definitely¬†in. When once this inky shade was reserved for Halloween makeup and goth-type looks, it has since broken into mainstream beauty as an “it” summer color. Here’s a few tips for rocking this dark hue:

1 – Use a liner.¬†Treat it like any other lipstick and use a liner to keep it in place. If you can’t find a black liner to your liking, opt for a clear one.

2 – Keep the rest neutral. The black is already the boldest statement you’re making.

3 – Whether it’s satin, shine, matte, or metallic — you do have a choice in how you want to finish.

4 – Think black’s too dark? A purple shade can ease you in.

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  1. kennedy says:

    I have all kinds of lip stick and l what to get some new ones.

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