Beauty 101: How to Fake a Fuller Ponytail


Let’s face it, the ponytail is every girls’ go-to. No matter your hair type or your hair expertise level, it’s something that’s quick, easy, and effortless. Below, a quick how-to to get your ponytail from “straight-from-the-gym” to “ready-to-slay-the-night.”

1 – Pull hair into a ponytail.

2 – Using two bobby pins, secure them in a crisscross pattern at the base of your ponytail.

3 – Choose a small claw clip that fits the width of your ponytail.

4 – Take the top 1/3 of your ponytail and insert the clip where you’ve split your hair. Release the section you’re holding to fall over the clip and conceal. And voila!

For a better idea of how this works, catch this clip from Byrdie:


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