Beauty 101: 5 Skincare Mistakes To Avoid

Natural, beautiful skin is better than any foundation. Treat your skin right and you’ll reach for your makeup bag less often. To help you along, we’ve identified five ways you might be mishandling your skin without realizing it.


1 – Not keeping your hands, your sunglasses, and your phone clean. These are the three things that touch your face the most often and the three biggest perpetrators when you wind up with an unwanted blemish.

2 – Over-exfoliating. You might want to scrub that dry spot right off, but be wary! Being too rough on your skin can aggravate it.

3 – Not paying attention to the ingredients. Sulfates can remove your skin’s natural oils — forcing your glands to go into overdrive.

4 – Not being aware of dry skin. Whether you’re taking a dip in the pool or braving a blizzard, both chlorine and the cold can dry out your skin. Remember to cleanse and moisturize!

5 – Not cleaning your brushes. You shouldn’t put your dirty hands on your face, so why would you put a dirty brush? Be sure to rinse your makeup tools often.

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