A Quick Guide to Backpacking

photo via @emitoms

Here at BCBGeneration, we’re big on adventure. Nothing beats discovering a new place, doing new things, and meeting new people. So if you’ve got an itch for the open road, we’ve got a few tips for the next time you go exploring.

1 – Pack light: Try not to check your bag if you can. Life’s just simpler that way. And whatever you need, you can probably buy it.

2 – Try something new: This goes without saying, but we feel like we should say it anyway. Whether it’s a local food stand, a hike with an amazing view, or a chance to jump out of a plane — never miss an opportunity to engage with something you wouldn’t find back home.

3 – Bring comfortable shoes: You’ll probably do a lot of walking. Your feet will thank you.

4 – Pack something nice: Include a nice dress and some dancing shoes — just in case.

5 – Learn the lingo: Effort goes a long way and the locals will appreciate it. Even if your pronunciation is terrible and your accent is overwhelming, at least you tried.

Happy adventuring!

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