7 Must-Haves For Your Carry-On

Hopping on a plane this summer? Most airlines will allot you one carry-on in addition to your personal bag.
But how do you decide what’s important enough to keep on your person? These seven items will keep you in good company.


Having to take off your shoes during a security check is a nuisance. But it won’t be if you’re rocking rad flats like these.
Not only are these babies chic, they’re easy to slip off and on. Grab our Fernando ones here.


Because plane rides can be long and often times boring. Kill some time by indulging in a good read.


Need we say more? Pack it. You can charge at your gate while you’re waiting to board.
Bonus points for you if you’ve got a portable one for charging on the plane.


You know what else kills time? Sleeping. Get your beauty rest on with our catnap eye mask.


Let’s be real. The plane is loud. Passengers are louder. Keep your sanity and pack a pair of headphones.
The only soundtrack you need is the only already on your iPod.


Because it gets cold on the plane and domestic flights don’t usually carry blankets.
A scarf does double duty both as a fashion item and as a needed wrap or blanket.  Snatch our beach babe loop here.


You’ll need these when you land.

Happy travels, GenGirls!

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