6 Ways to Save On Ordering Lunch

photo via The Londoner

We know, sometimes it’s hard to keep our lunch promises to ourselves. We say we’re going to bring a lunch, but then we end up at the local fast food joint. Here’s a few ways to do damage control to your credit card bill:

1 – Skip the drink: It’s easy and oh so tempting to spring for that soda, but asking for a water cup will save you money in the long run.

2 – Stretch your meal: Eat half today, half tomorrow.

3 – Skip the app: We know apps like Grub Hub or Eat24 are convenient, but placing a delivery order direct can shave a few dollars off your total.

4 – Source the crowd: Circulate the menu around the office. The more people order, the more ways you can split tax, tip, and delivery; plus you can even share a few items.

5 – Coupons: Promo codes are the millennial coupons; don’t be afraid to use!

6 – Lunch specials: They’re your friends — especially when they’re $10 or less.

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