3 Beauty Mistakes That Are Cramping Your Selfie Game


There are those days when you’re feeling the #nofilter hashtag, but something just seems off about your makeup. Rest assured, there’s no need to open your FaceTune app — these in-real-life tweaks are game changers:

Problem: You haven’t blended well enough: Cakey foundation can ruin a photo, fast — ditto unblended eye shadow.
Solution: So be diligent with your beauty blender and have your trusty eyeshadow brush on hand.

Problem: Your lashes are out of control and we don’t mean that in a good way.
Solution: To avoid clumps, prime your lashes with a clear lash gel before applying mascara. And after? Utilize a lash comb.

Problem: Your lips are chapped.
Solution: It’s a good idea to exfoliate your pout before moisturizing with a nice lip balm.

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