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Streetstyle: Bodysuit

The body suit is life made easy. Never again will you have to worry about rumpled tops. One of these will almost guarantee a seamless look. We rounded up our favorite ways to rock the trend.

Say Goodbye To Split Ends

Nothing puts a cramp in your good hair day like split ends. While the easiest way to get rid of them is a fresh cut, but what are you supposed to do in between snips? Not to worry, a few good hair masks will work wonders in keeping that pesky split ends in hand! Here’s 3 of our favorites.

Home: Desk Space

While there’s never been a desk that hasn’t ended up covered in paper, these dream work spaces still make a messy desk salvageable. We rounded up a few faves we couldn’t help but wish for.

Trend Alert: Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is nothing short of iconic. Since its inception in the 70’s, its popularity has never once faltered and we can see why! With a silhouette that embraces all body types, the dress exudes femininity, sophistication, and effortless style.Click through for a roundup of our favorite ways to rock the look.

Beauty 101: Fuller Lips in 30 Seconds

We all know about contouring, but did you know that doing it to your lips can make them appear fuller? Click through for three easy steps to getting the lips of your dreams in under 30 seconds.